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S U Z E / photographer + friend

I'm Susan, but my closest friends call me Suze and I hope you will too!

The rumors are true-- I will hug your neck when we meet.

I am a natural light photographer, capturing the sweetest souls in so much love.

My approach to photography is super laid back- I want to capture you exactly as you are.

I am way into the neck kisses you think I don't catch, how your eyes squint when you laugh,

and when it comes to your little ones, the wilder the better.

My style is more documentary + photo-journalistic.

My desire is for these images to take you back to the exact moment they were taken.

Photos remind you what it looked like, but I want to help remind you what it FELT like.

My clients understand the value of art.

They are more interested in the raw moments than a static pose.

They trust me to capture the magic that is love + family.


Authentic connections make for the best photos.


If you're a little bit wild, a lotta bit in love-

Up for an adventure + brave enough to trust-

You came to just the right place.

I am so excited to meet you, I love you already.




R E A D Y  T O  D O  T H E  D A N G  T H I N G ?

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